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MomMe Beauty Booths/Suites

  • Ventura, CA

  • Right off the Freeway

  • Full Time or Part Time

  • Rent a Booth or a Private Suite

  • Free Wifi

  • Snacks and Drinks for Guests

  • Lobby and Receptionist

  • Break Room with Sink and Fridge

  • Complimentary Business Cards 

  • Kid/Guest Room

  • Kid Friendly

  • Booking App Available if Needed

  • Full Page on Website

  • Conference Room Available for Use

  • Discount on Company Products

  • Commission Rentals Available

  • Marketing/Business Help for Small Fee

  • Fun and Friendly Environment 


Last Private Suite

This 105 sqft private suite would be solely yours. It is move in ready with 24/7 access, no limit on how many clients you take or hours you spend, comes unfurnished and you would have full decorative control. This room can be shared with a friend.



Are you looking for somewhere to rent but don’t need privacy and don’t want to pay an arm and a leg? Well look no further! We have 3 recliners perfect for lash, brow, teeth whitening, or tattoo artists and 3 nail tables in our main room! You can rent any one of these booths to be solely yours for only $400/month full time, 24/7 access, no limit on how many clients you take or hours you spend, comes fully furnished all you need to bring are your supplies! If full time isn’t for you then you can also rent any of these booths for only $250/month part time, fully furnished, 20 hours per week set schedule, no limit on how many clients you take! Now if that is still too much for you, we are now offering commission based rentals for full time or part time! To be the sole renter of one of our full time fully furnished booth with all full time perks the split will be 40/60 with a minimum of 4 clients/week! To be a part timer in one of our fully furnished booths with part time access the split will be 50/50 with a minimum of 2 clients/week! Great for the artist that do not want to pay money out of pocket!

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